Hello world!

Welcome to my first article on my new blog: MermaidMoney!

What I hope to accomplish with this blog is to increase your wealth, in all areas of your life.

Why MermaidMoney, you ask?  Well my nickname for more than 5 years has been “Mermaid Girl” because of my looks and also because people have often told me they feel good energy around me, as if I am magical somehow.  I feel I just have a high vibration because I live my life from a  positive viewpoint  and I don’t let anything get me down for very long.

I chose the second half of my blog name as Money because well, let’s face it:  we all want it, need it to get along in this world.  But my definition of money is more than cash.  It is the wealth that we all want.  Reverend Ike would enthusiastically say “Health, Happiness, Love, Success, Prosperity, Money!” as his daily mantra.   Basically, this is what I mean by money.  In addition, I will give you some amazing information that can help you make money and draw more money to you like a magnet.   This information will be real, concrete ways you can make money.  I will be reviewing a number of high quality, upper scale home based businesses, affiliate sites that I personally find tasteful and profitable, and anything else that will just plain make you money.

MermaidMoney to me is the secret treasures that we call forth from our innermost places of our minds, hearts and souls, our talents that could be hidden and brought to light.  MermaidMoney is the magical part of life, the manifestation that we bring forth when we think of an idea then create it in this physical world.

I hope you enjoy my blog and can learn a lot!

I wish you Love, Luck & Secret Treasures known as Mermaid Money in your pocket!



AKA MermaidGirl

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